We have created a beauty for a top list for you guys. The ultimate top list of websites for people who love dogs. On the list you will find everything from breed information, online dog magazines, funny videos and 24/7 television for dogs. If you think a website is missing from the list be sure to use the link on the right to add the site to this list.

1. My Dog Guide -

On my dog guide you find a guides to all dogs, big or small. The site it great for people who wants to find out which dog breed is the perfect match for them.

2. Dog TV -

Dogs need entertainment too. With your pet has a 24/7 digital channel with programming designed for dogs. You dog have company while it is home alone. This means a more confident and happy dog with less stress and separation anxiety.

3. Dogster -

Dogster is a great allround dog magazine website with dog articles, breed information, dog adoption, videos and much much more. This is a must visit for any dog friend.

4. Modern Dog Magazine -

This magazine is a great way to be entertained while learning more about dogs. The website features everything from educational articles to inspiring videos with dogs. We would recommend anyone who owns or plans to own a dog to spend some time on this wonderful site. A must visit.