We have taken a look at all the tools and diets that help you lose weight. We hope this will help you make an informed decision on what will work for you. We have listed them in order of how well they preform as well as how healthy they are.
The list if a combination of diets and lifestyle. It is possible combine different lifestyles and diets. An example would be combining a ketogenic diet with intermittent and water fasting.
So here to go. The top ten best fat loss tools back by science.

8Walking (Lifestyle) – 8th place

Walking beats just about every other exercise when it comes to fat loss. Let us give you an example of just how effective walking can be. A 200 pound person (90 kg) walking one hour per day at a good pace will burn about 3000 calories per week. This is done without increasing appetite like you would see if doing cardio. If you want to burn the same about of calories you would have to run 21 miles (34 kilometers). Now the question is can you run more than three 10k’s per week?
Studies also show that unless you are very focused on the calories you consume you will end up eating the 3000 calories you burned by running back.