We have taken a look at all the tools and diets that help you lose weight. We hope this will help you make an informed decision on what will work for you. We have listed them in order of how well they preform as well as how healthy they are.
The list if a combination of diets and lifestyle. It is possible combine different lifestyles and diets. An example would be combining a ketogenic diet with intermittent and water fasting.
So here to go. The top ten best fat loss tools back by science.

9Paleo (Diet) – 9th place

Just eat like a caveman and lose weight. Pretty simple right? Wrong. Before starting the paleo diet you really have to read up on what you can and can not read. But when you do this you will eat your way towards your ideal weight. You can start with the easy version. Simply remove all processed foods and drinks, sugar, flower and grains. This will get you most of the way there. To go all the way you have to remove above ground vegestables and lentils as well. This makes a very effective and healthy diet. But the down side is that it is a very stright diet that will be hard to follow for most. Going out with friends can be difficult if you want to stick you your diet.